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Dear Beyoncé from a fellow twin mum

Ok so she’s a mega rich super star and she is absolutely fabulous BUT she’s also a woman and a role model to thousands of women and young girls across the planet. 

Yes she probably has ALL the help in the world and I doubt very much she’s up all night long trying to juggle, soothe and feed both babies alone but she’s still a woman who has just given birth to two babies and a new mum who’s hormones are raging and must surely to God be feeling overwhelmed by these two new lives she has to care for. 

I get that you need to maintain your queen like status and everyone gets nice photos taken alongside the ‘real’ day to day ones when they have a baby whether you have a new baby shoot (obviously not on this scale) or you just take some at home but what’s missing here and with the message this image sends out to women across the world is balance and reality. 

Didn’t you stop to think for a second Beyoncé that by only sharing this photo and not showing all sides of motherhood that you are creating an unrealistic image of what a new mum should look and be like? Didn’t you realise that by only showing this goddess like photo you might actually make the average new mum and especially frazzled, overwhelmed and crapping their pants with fear, new twin mums feel like they are failing in some way? 

Clearly you didn’t. Yet aren’t you meant to be a passionate advocate for feminism? Aren’t you meant to want to empower women? At least that’s what I thought and I can tell you now you certainly ain’t achieving that with this beautiful but entirely unrealistic photo. 

You know what would make you an actual queen, what would make you a true feminist who wants to empower women? Showing what motherhood and the realities of being handed two babies to care for really looks like.

The world already knows your stunning and fabulous so why not take this moment to use your power and influence to empower your fellow woman. Why not use this moment to show all the women that are walking zombies, lost in a cloud o hormones, breast milk and baby sick that they are normal. Why not use this moment to be the feminist you say you are and send a powerful message by just being a normal woman. There would be so much power in a moment like that coming from someone as powerful and admired as you. 

For all the new twin mums out there, here’s a normal new mum of twins pic, share yours in the comments. Let us show new twin mums that looking like an unwashed feral and exhausted, hormone crazed animal with your boobs hanging out either attached to a baby or an expressing machine and not knowing when you will next sleep let alone eat is 100% normal. You will not look goddess like a matter of days after giving birth and you won’t feel it for even longer but that’s ok, that’s normal, that’s motherhood and you are the true queens. Xxx

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