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Divorce is painful, there are no ‘winners’

Maybe it’s just me but I won’t be sharing or liking any of these Jennifer Aniston memes, I think it’s really sad news that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be divorcing.

The break down of a marriage is always a sad thing, it’s the end of something that was once everything to two people and it must be unbelievably painful. When there are children involved it is only a harder and more devastating thing.

Just because two people are celebrities and their live’s are in the limelight doesn’t mean a situation like the breakdown of their relationship should be made light off. We do not know these people and just because they met at perhaps the wrong time in life and people were hurt doesn’t mean that this is karma or Jennifer Anniston winning the situation. There are no winners in divorce, that would have been the case when Jennifer and Brads marriage broke down and it’s the case now.

I haven’t experienced divorce and I hope I never do but my gut just tells me it is wrong to make light of people’s lives and that includes Jennifer Anniston’s and Brad and Angelina’s. They may be famous but they are people like you and I and this will be a traumatic time for them and their 6 children and no doubt for Jennifer Aniston who surely just wants to be left to live her life for now with her new husband instead of being dragged into the past.

I just hope the press don’t hound any of them or their children, some things should be allowed to be private fame or no fame.

Best wishes Brad, Angelina, your children and Jennifer.

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